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About Ruth Nyamabo


Founder of Lamb Women's Ministry

I was at my lowest point, when I acknowledged Jesus as my LORD. At this time I was ill and had been ill for nearly 8 years. My life was transformed ever since I made the decision to follow Jesus. 


In 2019, I submitted to the call of God and set up the ministry (Lamb Women's Ministry). 

By the grace of God, I am now able to share my life's experience with other women, equip them with the ability to overcome their difficult situations and grow into becoming the kind of women God has called them to be.


Both my parents love God. We used to go to church on Sundays, but never had a personal relationship with God, let alone follow his ways.

I got married when I was 22, my ex-husband and I had been happily married for 12 years. The LORD was faithful and blessed us with two wonderful children.

Everything was fine until my life turned upside down.  And at this time my marriage broke down. A few months later I developed a rare condition.

High Fives



Lamb Women's Ministry aim to help the broken-hearted and to encourage and support women so they will be able to overcome their difficult situations. 


  • Support and help women to build strong and lasting relationships with Jesus and become the kind of women God has called them to be

  • Share our life’s experience, inspire and motivate women to reach destiny

  • Equip women with the ability to overcome fear, anxiety, depression, shame, and so on.

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